Audrius Beinorius


Beinorius 2015052022 profiliai

Professor of Indian and Buddhist Studies (full-time tenure position)
Director of the Confucius Institute at Vilnius University

Phone: +(370 5) 268 7209
Fax: + (370 5) 268 7256
Address: Vilnius University Center of Oriental Studies, Universiteto St. 5, LT-01513 Vilnius
Office: VU Main Campus, L. Gucevičiaus yard, Oriental studies centre


In year 1998 at Lithuanian Reaserch Institute for Philosophy and Sociology has defended PhD thesis inthe field of philosophy on the topic: Phenomenology of Consciousness in Classical Indian Philosophy: A Comparative Study of Advaita Vedanta and Yogacara Buddhism. In 2006 at Vilnius University has defended a habilitation thesis Indian Religious Culture: Postcolonial Transformations of Orientalism. Has been doing research at Lithuanian Institute for Culture and Art (1999–2005 m.), giving a courses at Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuanian Academy of Theater and Music, Lithuanian Educological University. Since 1996 is teaching at Vilnius University. Has been doing research and academic internship at Oriental Institute, Oxford (UK), RM Institute of Culture, Sarnath Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, Institute of Advanced Studies at Jawharlal Nehru University (India), Mahachulagonkorn University (Thailand), International Institute of Asian Studies at Leiden University (the Netherlands), Brown and Cornell Universities (USA), Sorbonne University (France), Nanzan Institue for Religion and Culture (Japan), South Asian Institute at Heidelberg University (Germany). Year 2010-2017 – founder and director of VU Confucius Institute ( More see: Research